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My Career has taken many different paths spanning from retail to the banking industry. I have been a part of Mercantile Bank Limited for the past 5 years and during this time I have acquired many skills through my various functions. The experience gained working has enhanced my ability to work in a diverse, highly pressurized environment. My current role has given me the opportunity to exercise my skills, main objective being a team player to add substantial value to Business Holders and Clients. My understanding and efficiency in processes, team work, accuracy and communication is exceptional. Through exposure to various work environments I have come to appreciate the challenges and benefits that working in a team brings and have honed my skills to both manage and leverage off these respectively. I also possess considerable knowledge and discipline in planning right through to execution. I have taken the initiative to drive many projects with the aim of improving efficiencies from a reporting point of view, most of which have resulted in successful outcomes. I am an individual with a high level of integrity, my attention to detail is excellent and I pride myself on my analytical ability. My business Holder and Clients needs are my main priority and I believe, through team work, any objective can be achieved. Given the opportunity with these and other strengths I believe I will add immense value to any organization. I am passionate about the roles I perform and want to develop my skills further in either the same environment or different environments hence I am not limiting my career opportunities


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