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I am a new enthusiastic Town planner formally qualified through the Durban University of Technology with the highest qualification being the Bachelor of Technology Town and regional Planning degree. I am currently extending my studies in the hopes of becoming a greater integral part of the Town Planning community in the future through the enrolment of a project management diploma at the MANCOSA institution as a part time study in the year 2017. As a product of Westville Girls High School, renowned for its continuous 100% pass rate excellence and top five rank of public schools in KwaZulu Natal, I have been accustomed to healthy competition and a relatively high expectation of the products I produce. From my High school days, I learned how to articulate myself professionally, formally and respectfully in writing and in speech. Through my persevering nature I take failure as a challenge that needs to be corrected and conquered and do my best to do better every time. Through-out my University years I have managed to acquire a total of 11 distinctions with no fails or substitutions, even though a tough 2016 year personally. I managed to maintain punctuality with due dates, consistency and great report and essay writing skills. I am a diligent persistent young female with a persevering spirit. I am always eager to learn new things and enjoy figuring out new challenges that may come along the way. I am searching to attain stability, with the great possibility of one day finding this abroad. I have unfortunately been struggling to find permanent employment since graduating and I am looking for other opportunities elsewhere that may provide me with a new fresh experience on life in general, particularly in the different styles of planning. With this stability, I am looking to attain a salary that may serve me on a day to day basis. One sufficient enough to account for rent, food, transport, personal necessities and excess. My weaknesses include focussing heavily on one activity at a time in me pursuit of perfection. I however manage to overcome this through a process of planning how much time is spent on one activity while ensuring the timeous completion of activities. Through this I can keep calm, focus and be patient with myself while managing to multitask through self-discipline. In the future I hope for professional advancement, a job that challenges me to keep striving for more as well as stability. I intend to manage myself effectively through constant interaction with superiors. Along with this I sometimes prefer to do research and ask someone definitive clear questions if I unclear about instructions or certain elements of a project. Through this work ethic I can ensure that I always meet deadlines effectively and complete correctly. I generally tend to work best as an individual and pride myself in figuring things out on my own and “roughing out the challenge”. However, I am a team player. I can mix well with others, and through my experience, I have a sense of understanding and respect for various cultures and their beliefs. I hope to one day see myself in a management position of a well renown development company. Here I hope to extend my areas of service to transport, economic and property fields. Currently, my work experience has been in my favour as I have already learnt to deal with different characters and how to handle misunderstandings and such without ruining relationships I hereby wish to apply for this employment opportunity to gain more practical work exposure/experience in Town & Regional Planning field. I have taken an in depth look at building design history and planning, the conceptual, processes, government and practical side of things and know where what goes and how to plan around difficulties one might encounter in the work field – both professionally and personally. In both my academic and work history, I have gained the following skills, namely; computer literacy, AutoCad, GIS, interpersonal and communication skills, dedication and commitment, customer service, patience and respect for clients and older people, and attended to deadline tasks without fail. I am just as well a dedicated learner who enjoys challenges. I try to do my best in every circumstance and situation. My communication skills in-class have also taught me how to handle just about any situation in the correct manner by using the correct channels. I persevere and accept constructive criticism in an optimistic light seeing as one can always do better in that way. I believe I would be an asset to any organization/program. Along with learning, the job it would be a great opportunity to expand and enhance my skills, experience and prepare me for greater experiences.


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